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Analog Versus Digital

Many hobbyists are confused by the analog-digital dichotomy in Slot Car racing and that’s because it is still so new. The major difference between Analog and Digital track is how the track distributes voltage. Analog sets are limited to having one car in each lane at a time due to the nature of a binary controller. Digital sets can have many cars in each lane, allowing incredible creativity in how tracks can be set up. Lanes can criss-cross for very intense life-like races. Controllers can be programmed and set up to each racers liking. More realism features can be added such as Fuel, so racers must stop in the pit when fuel is low to continue racing.

Are these interchangeable? Most analog track will not work with digital sets. However, most digital track is compatible with analog sets; of course there won’t be any additional features like lane changing or fuel consumption.

Why hasn’t everyone gone digital? It’s the typical story of early adopters versus skeptics. Some analog pros just consider digital more expensive. On the contrary, digital sets are practically the same price as analog. So join the fun and be immersed in a life-like racing experience with slot cars.

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