White Lightning by W. K. Barnes

60th Anniversary (Black Friday)
February 20th, 1959

During the summer of 1958, Avro Arrow RL 201 points its nose toward the burning blue, powering its way to an altitude that became classified information during the late stages of the Arrow program. The Arrow was created as a supersonic interceptor designed to protect and patrol the Canadian north in the event of an attack from Soviet bomber aircraft. The Arrow was ahead of its time in all facets of performance and design.

Arrow number three was scheduled to attain a combat ceiling of 68,000 feet at a speed of Mach 2.5, unheard of performance data for the late 1950’s. Arrows 4 & 5 were starting their test flights and were scheduled for further performance criteria.

February 20, 1959 became known as Black Friday, due to the decision of the Canadian government to terminate the Arrow program. With this program cancellation a severe blow was inflicted on the Canadian aviation industry. The personnel from the program found immediate employment with N.A.S.A. south of the border. Their skills and knowledge were the backbone of the United States space program.

The original painting has been vibrantly reproduced on canvas 24”x30”, in an edition of 201 only, signed and numbered by the artist, W. K. Barnes, in remembrance of the first Arrow RL 201 and the Avro Arrow program. It has been 60 years since the cancellation of the Arrow but its memory is still entrenched in the hearts of Canadian aviation historians and enthusiasts.

$325.00 plus HST, S&H.
24 in. by 30 in. Canvas Print
Limited edition run of 201 prints.

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Oh! Canada 60 Years by W. K. Barnes


With vapour streaming from the wings trailing edge, Arrow RL 202 executes an unscheduled low altitude high-speed pass, over the once proud AVRO aircraft complex. Ah, the beauty of artistic license. Dawn’s early light has come and gone on this chilly October morning in Malton Ontario, 1958. Ground personnel, are not yet startled by the wall of thunder that will be thrust upon them momentarily, as 202 knifes past overhead.

This original oil painting, was created with passion, to recapture an era of dynamic Canadian history, when Canada had developed an air superiority fighter aircraft and was on the verge of becoming the world leader in aviation technology. This painting depicts a day when the AVRO Arrow program was in full production with the vision and promise of great days ahead for Canada. Arrow 201 in the foreground undergoes maintenance testing of the compressed air system designed for engine turbine start up, prior to being towed to the flight line. Arrow 203 receives cockpit data checks following a dawn flight. Lumbering above the AVRO sign, an ageing AVRO CF 100 chase plane glistening in the morning sun glow, tracks the maneuvers of RL 202.

The AVRO Arrow was twenty years ahead of its time with respect to the aircraft design, its performance capabilities and the technological advancements that were inherent within the program. A vast number of these design advancements are still in wide application in to-days modern aircraft, both civil and military.

Friday Feb. 20, 1959 became known as “Black Friday” as the decision came down to cancel the Arrow program and the order to destroy all existing Arrow aircraft, a dark day in Canadian aviation history

The original oil painting has been artist enhanced and reproduced on gallery canvas 24” x 30” as a 60 year commemorative issue, limited to 206 prints, the number of the last Arrow. Each print signed and numbered by the artist, W. K. Barnes.

This painting is a tribute to the aircraft, a time in Canadian history and the men and women who designed and built the Arrow. This painting will perpetuate as a lasting memory of the days when Canada possessed true thunder on the world stage.

$325.00 plus HST, S&H.
24 in. by 30 in. Canvas Print
Limited edition run of 206 prints.

Price is subject to change. Call or visit Panther Hobbies to place your order.